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Palm Trees Ayurveda Heritage is a tranquil and peaceful paradise nestled amongst the coconut palms of Patnam in the South Goan region. Ideally located on the estuary between Patnam Beach and the 5 Star Lalit Hotel Resort. Palm Trees Ayurveda Heritage offers a truly authentic and eco-friendly Goan experience. Sympathetically built with the nature that surrounds 10 super luxurious and traditional accommodation. The following features make us special.

  • Palm Trees Ayurveda Heritage exudes calmness and serenity.
  • Watch the eagles come home to roost in the coconut palms every sunset.
  • Enjoy fishing trips from your doorstep and dine on exquisite, locally sourced food from our restaurant.
  • Patnam Beach, with all it has to offer, is just a 10 minute stroll away.
  • Palm Trees Ayurveda Heritage is the perfect location to try our Ayurvedic packages.
  • Drop into the surrounding yoga Shalas of Patnem for daily yoga and meditation.

" Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul from the comfort of your deluxe rooms where your every need will be looked after.

Nourish your spirit at The Palm Trees Ayurveda Heritage Eco Village ! "


Ayurveda systematically deals with each person depending on the Pancha Mahabharata and third dosha constitution.This gives a personalised treatment.

Pizhichil kala
Siro abyanga
Gambeera Abyanga
Padamarma abyangam
Mukha abyangam


Kalari Marama Pada Abyangam
(Kalari Foot Massage)

Kalari is traditional Kerala marshal art. It is based on vital points(marma) of the body. Energy flows between these vital points. This is a special type of whole body massage using the foot of the therapist. Equal pressure is applyied over the vital points and retunes them.

At palm trees Ayurvedic resort the kalari marma chikilsa is handled by Sri Acharya K. T . Sathyan Gurukkal, a traditional kalari family head in south Kerala known as Kadathanadu Chekavar having an experience of 40 years.


  • Returns the nervous system and muscle tone.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Improves paralitis defects of body.
Duration : Seven Days Course of Treatment.
Rate17500/- per pack.
Certificate course in
Kalari Marma Chikilsa and Kalari Arts

This is a one month certificate course in Indian martial arts (kalari). It includes all the steps of Kerala kalari and marama (108 vital points) marama knowledge. Course offered by athreya school of Ayurveda and kadathanadu chekavar kalari sangam

Duration : 1 Month(150 hrs)
Course Fees:60000/-
Rasayana chikitsa
(Rejuvenation Treatment)

Regenerating the youth fullness by using magical Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic diet.


  • Navarakizhi-7 days
  • Sirodhara- 4 days
  • Pada Abyanga-7 days
  • Mukha Abyangam-7 days
  • Siro Abyanga-7 days
  • Mukha Souvarnyam-4 days
Duration : 12 Days
Rate40000+10000 = 50000/-
Gayathri Healing
(Energy Healing Therapy)

A special type of energy healing therapy based on gayathri manthram and shadchakras. Returns the body’s energy levels and balances the shadchakra energy and their flow by the gayathri manthra and energy from nature.

Duration : 20 - 30 Minutes/Day

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